The conscious control of breath is meant to influence the mental, emotional and physical states. When you go into your subconscious mind, your body begins to become aware of the lies or untruths your ego tells you.

These untruths can manifest in different ways, such as illness, negative life patterns, addictions or feeling unfulfilled. During this event you will discover, in a very tangible way, where these subconscious blocks may be causing problems in your life. You may feel sensations in the body, the location representing a limiting belief or self-doubt.

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Dare to discover your true self

NexusHealing is an idea- The idea that you can come to one place and receive any and all types of alternative practices. Interested in energy healing, yoga, or a natural remedy to an issue you are suffering with, we can offer you the help you need.


collective experience in holistic health.

More than 100

years of

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Discovery Breathwork!

Who we are at NexusHealing

Benjamin Trager

Founder ~ Holistic Life Coach

Shannon Trujillo

Young Living Distributor

Danice Sofyaa

Holistic Living Lifestyles Coach

Jearse Kubacak

The power of creation

is in your hands!

“We had an amazing experience with NexusHealing – Ben has done a wonderful job and the additions of Danice and Shannon have really solidified the business into a world class wellness center.  This team is small but make no mistake, they are experienced beyond their years, knowledgeable in everything health and wellness. When we need help – this is the team we call each and every time. They make the impossible, possible.” 


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Fine the peace within yourself

NexusHealing Presents
Transformation Tool by Sana

Latin was used as the language of international communication for over a thousand years; it is our belief that healing be just as universal.

Sana, latin for ‘heal’ - radiates with the intention that all beings receive health as their divine right.

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