What is Discovery Breathwork?

The conscious control of breath is meant to influence the mental, emotional and physical states. When you go into your subconscious mind, your body begins to become aware of the lies or untruths your ego tells you.

These untruths can manifest in different ways, such as illness, negative life patterns, addictions or feeling unfulfilled. During this event you will discover, in a very tangible way, where these subconscious blocks may be causing problems in your life. You may feel sensations in the body, the location representing a limiting belief or self-doubt.

It can be confronting to go to the root of the complications in your life, but most find the root cause to be something that wasn’t theirs to begin with. Beliefs given to us before show up as reactions today, or how you react to something that triggered you. A common misconception being: you can’t clear the trigger, so change how you react to it. Instead of learning how to change your reaction, why not clear the belief?

This is the foundation of what Discovery Breathwork is.

What to expect?

At NexusHealing we believe in a very holistic approach, but what does that mean? Mind Body Spirit! Through Spirit/Higher Self we can go into your subconscious Mind and clear the beliefs that are causing issues for your Body and life.

For those without any specific spiritual beliefs, this process can also be for you. During this experience you can enter into an altered state of consciousness which allows for introspection and release. Your body will show you what it needs to work on.

During your experience you can expect the following:

  • Powerful visualizations representative of the life you want, what may be holding you back, truths about you that you may not know, or very relaxing kaleidoscopic images. What you could see is endless.

  • Powerful emotions that you may have suppressed or uncontrollable emotions that you do not understand. Sometimes expressing these emotion is just what you need to overcome a fixation.

  • Physical feelings such as a cramping and/or tingling of the body and limbs. These feelings are your body's way of representing the ego's more specific barriers. Bringing awareness to these locations challenges your subconscious mind to work through false conditioning from your past. When your ego is challenged, these sensations can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful. Acknowledging these feelings encourages you to "experience" the truth about your subconscious limitations.


Breathwork in general, offers a broad range of benefits which includes but is not limited to:


Creative exploration

Cognitive improvement

Dissolving of old anger patterns

Breaking of destructive habits

Ending self-sabotage

Understand death and loss

Overcoming self-doubt

Mood boosting

Anxiety relief

and so much more.

People report that after their first session of Discovery Breathwork, they experienced a "high" - described as uncharacteristically good moods, handling stressful situations with ease, and/or no desire for destructive tendencies like alcohol or cigarettes.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to facilitate expanding your awareness, living a stress-free life, and achieving your goals with ease.

Who is Discovery Breathwork for?

Discovery Breathwork is not only limited to someone who has blocks in their subconscious; it can be used for self-expression, creativity, relaxation, personal discovery, dissolving limiting belief systems, self-love, performance enhancement and so much more.

If any of the following sound like something in your life, Discovery Breathwork might be just what you were looking for.

Do you experience patterns of self-sabotage?

Do you fear death or loss?

Do you have any beliefs that seem destructive? (ex. Life has to be hard.)

Do you notice that in times of stress/pressure that you begin to doubt yourself?

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same place in your life?

Do you notice a pattern when something triggers anger in you? (You react to different levels of severity with the same anger.)

Are you more than you let others believe, or are you different than others believe? (This can be thought of as hiding who you "really" are.)

Are you always trying to please others, and does this stress you?

Are you prone to feeling depressed?

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you have a poor self-image?

Do you have times of apathy?

These internal struggles and much more are symptoms of subconscious barriers that you have. Allowing them to rule your life is the ego's way of remaining in control. The truth is, nothing your ego tells you is real. Discovering your true potential can only be done when you are honest with yourself and set yourself aside from your ego.

Your ego is not who you are!

Photos from past workshops

Discovery Breathwork

What is it?

What to expect?


Who is it for?


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