Latin was used as the language of international communication for over a thousand years; it is our belief that healing be just as universal. Sana, latin for ‘heal’, resonates with the intention that all beings receive health as a divine right. As you are included, we aim to help you on your journey to becoming healthy and happy.

Sana represents a level of integrity, one that is unmatched in this world today. In producing our line of healing tools for transformation, we began by intending to create a line of essences that, over time, their integrity level will grow.

All too often you purchase a product, while at the beginning it is wondrous, you notice that in its growth the quality begins to diminish. As we have come to expect this of the world today, this limiting belief sets the intention that all products will follow this path.

With essences by Sana, we aspire to stretch the beliefs that we had to allow for an infinite amount of growth, healing, love, and abundance. Together we will come into a whole new level of being, one that we have only imagined.

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