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The conscious control of breath that is meant to influence mental, emotional and physical state. During this breathwork, you will go into your subconscious and discover what limiting beliefs and self-doubts you may not know you have. These beliefs are untrue, and you dissolve them by discovering the truth. You are on your own journey, however, you are not alone. During the breathwork, you are open to connection with your. (higher self, god, sourceā€¦)

Custom Health and Wellness Procotol

Don't settle for a generic treatment of your illness. Backed by more than five years of experience, NexusHealing creates custom protocols for your specific condition through holistic health and wellness consulting. Our wellness consultant discusses your conditions for up to one hour over the phone to gather information. Once the protocol has been written you schedule another appointment to discuss your holistic health plan.

Energy for Animals

Description coming soon.

Integrative Energy Therapies with Balancing and Alignment

Every session is individual, personal and specific to you at that Divine perfect moment that you show up. Many clients feel relieved, less pain, more joy, less depression, the willingness and a commitment to surrender to their personal journey, and are open to self-discovery. You may feel more open to be the love that you already are and to be loved, you may sense that something has changed, the energy feels different perhaps lighter and brighter. Stuck energies may have moved or shifted, and you feel more freedom and openness. You may come into greater gratitude, thanks and forgiveness for all of the offerings that are present in Life and Love. So many possibilities for miracles.


Healing Yoga is interlaced with gentle bodywork, assisted stretches, and meditation. A lot of attention is paid to the individual within the group environment. Both beginner and veteran yogis will receive modifications to get the maximum benefit from every single pose. Students may work together to experience deeper stretches and new poses.

Healing Yoga is interlaced with gentle bodywork, assisted stretches, and meditation to ensure the ideal outcome for you. Depending on your request, you can be challenged and undergo an intense physical or spiritual workout, or you can have a restorative and relaxing experience. The yoga teacher will be focused on your needs and wishes to create your perfect personal yoga class.

What we offer

I have always considered my weight to be a concern, Ben, at NexusHealing, helped me lose weight. Since starting my protocol I have lost over 50 lbs.

Jearse Kubacak

San Francisco


I have always struggled with acne on my back, Ben, helped me discover that is was a bacterial infection. Since working with him my infection is gone and my back is clear. Thank You NexusHealing!

Jeremy Renolds

San Francisco